Free Technology for Teachers

Global Connections- ePals is a social network optimized for K-12 learning. Over half a million classrooms in 200 countries and territories , and over 11 million students and teachers from 191 countries are building skills and enhancing learning with ePals. FREE e-mail for students

Online Educational ResourcesEduhound Thousands of free lesson plans that meet state and national standards

Curriki - is a community of educators, learners and committed education experts who are working together to create quality materials that will benefit teachers and students around the world. Free distribution of world-class educational materials.

Learning Projects- Project site: Think Together. is now part of ThinkQuest -- A learning platform where teachers and students create learning projects.

Curriculum Management- Hotchalk A 100% free curriculum management, content sharing, professional development, and social networking service with a simple mission: to make teachers’ lives better.

Online Presentations- Voicethread Online presentation site that lets you attach audio and video. Other users can leave audio and video comments. Ability to upload images or video files and then add text.
Our Learning Communities - Ning - Social Networking:
Ning lets you create new social experiences for the most important people and interests in your life. Ning offers an easy-to-use service that allows people to join and create Ning Networks. URL:
Join a Ning and collaborate

Classroom 2.0 If you ONLY join ONE NING.....Make this the ONE !!!
A social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education. Sign up participate in the discussions to receive event notifications, and to find and connect with colleagues. It is a FREE, community-supported network.

Create a Twitter Account Read what teachers are saying about Twitter:
"As soon as the lunch bell rings at his elementary school in Medford, Oregon, teacher David Cosand takes a few minutes to scan his mobile phone screen for messages that have accumulated throughout the morning in his Twitter account. In a few well-chosen words, the people Cosand follows via this free online service share their latest news, resources, questions, and (sometimes) trivia about education, technology, and related topics. Cosand became a Twitterer about a year ago, and he now considers Twitter one of his best sources of real-time professional development. "I'm able to get information and find opportunities I wouldn't have been able to gather on my own," he

Discover RSS and subscribe to a Podcast or Blog RSS in Plain English-An introduction to RSS as a way to save time reading web sites. Watch a video here:

Google Reader Google reader is my power RSS reader - it has great new features that lets me share and receive clippings from others and add clippings to my own blog. I link my Google Reader to my iGoogle page and feed my "Hotlist" of blogs/ links to my own blog/ and custom searches. Love Google reader.

NewsMap This meta analysis of the news provides your students News from around the world. Great resource when you are discussing cultures, comparing the leading news stories in various countries, searching for current events, searching for state literary and emerging news.

Education Resources- Digital Vaults It’s an entry into the vast resources of the National Archives, and allows you to use those resources to create your own movies, posters, and what it calls “Pathway Challenges” to… challenge others to find connections between a series of images, documents, and other resources you put together.

The Great Idea Finder Innovation - Creativity - Creative Thinking
Created to promote the progress of science and useful arts by providing a showcase for innovation. Their mission is to provide inspiration to the "inventor" in all of us. Great stories behind the world's greatest inventors and great inventions. They showcase the best and most innovative ideas.

**Voki-** Allows students to create wacky avatars then record themselves speaking. Some teachers have found it to be a fantastic way to assess speaking in the target language. "What if the Voki was reading a list of spelling words? What if it was speaking another language? The site offers a high level of customization ranging from the overall look of the Voki to the sound of its voice.

Kerpoof - A site that provides a variety of creative for animation, drawing, and movie creation. Wide range of preset characters and environmental options, or they can create their own. Drag-and-drop simplicity coupled with advanced animation and editing capabilities that open the platform up to a range of curricular applications.

Social annotation and bookmarking service- Diigo where users can bookmark sites and add highlights and notes to them. Great for research. Social bookmarking site where users can save bookmarks and organize them with tags. Users can also take advantage of their network allowing them to add friends to their account and keep track of bookmarks left by each friend.

WEB 2.0: TOOLS for TEACHERS - One stop shop for web 2.0 tools." I've created a redirect where you'll see links and explanations for over 400 web2.0 sites:

Scratch - Math and science application and program designer. There are 331,068 projects available for student exploration.

Storytelling Alice Designed for middle-school students. Alice - an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share.

Picnik - PhotoSite is well laid out, easy to navigate, and incredibly intuitive. You can use the website without even registering, making it incredibly education-friendly. Allows you to crop, resize, eliminate red-eye, adjust color and brightness levels, and save in a variety of formats

Gliffy- Online diagram software, create professional-looking flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings. Online diagram editor makes it easier than ever to create great looking drawings.

Wordle- Turns any given text into a word cloud then picks out the most common words and give them prominence by increasing their size. Behind this simple concept lies many possibilities for use in the classroom.
Connect to the Wordle cloud about inauguration speeches, here's a link to a cool interactive page with word clouds on ALL the presidential inauguration addresses with a cool timeline feature as well:

Glogster- An "interactive poster," is, in effect, a personal Web page complete with em
bedded media links, sound, and video capabilities. Students can work with Glogster individually or as a group to create presentations, share information. Make sure you sign up for the "EDU" version,

WildEarth- A new concept in wildlife TV. Everything you see is 100% LIVE and happening right now. LIVE presenter lead safari. They do a LIVE bush walk every weekday morning.

Animoto- A fun, easy tool to use with students Teachers and their students can upload pictures and sounds and create professional looking videos which can then be downloaded and shared online. Promote enthusiasm to less exciting tasks such as extended writing and practicing oral presentations. Good when you want to focus on the content and not spend a lot of time editing the movie pronunciation.

Kinder Site Projects- Great resource for Kindergarten teachers. Find educational games, songs & stories made especially for kindergarteners.

80 Million Tiny Images- Visual dictionary of Google images that presents a visualization of nouns in the English language. You can also label the images.

EtherPad- It’s easy to use and no password is needed. A shared notepad that lets you store your revisions and synchronize with others. - provides a huge listing of podcasts from all over the Web. You’ll be able to find just about anything you need in an easy, audio format.

Audacity- One of the most popular free audio editors out there, audacity is multi-featured and allows users to record and edit in all kinds of formats.

Gabcast- Use this application for podcast creation and hosting sites. You or your students can even use your cell phone to record the podcast.

GoogleEarth- Satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips. Students can see the world from a different point of view which makes learning interesting.

Big Universe- Your students can create their own picture books with just a few clicks. Or if you want, you can read countless other books written by students. They also offer publishing of students’ writing.

Gliffy- Research shows that graphic organizers promote strong thinking skills and comprehension for all age groups. assign groups to create study guides using this collaborative tool.

Mogulus- Gives you the ability to set up 24/7 video programming - like your own Cable Channel.

Jing Project- This tool allows you to snap a photo of your desktop, make recordings of your activities and email or IM them to anyone. .

Spelling City- Great web site to assist elementary students on spelling words. Several claim they moved students grades for C to A. Teachers can make spelling lists and parents can share them.

SlideShare- This site takes more of a networked approach to creating presentations allowing you to post your presentations and browse those of other users. . Slidecasting lets you add audio to the presentation.

PhotoBucket- This allows private sharing of photos and videos. An excellent stable service to serve up photos.

Picasa - is Google’s answer to photo sharing and you can upload images from an art history or anatomy class and study them from anywhere on the Web. This flash-based mind mapping tools allows you to chart out your thoughts in a colorful format, share them with friends or embed them in blogs, websites and emails.

WiZiQ- Virtual classroom application that is fully equipped with 2-way audio, text chat, whiteboard, PowerPoint and PDF document sharing capabilities.

Boostcast- A user owned and generated video base that you control. Create and manage your own video site with your own chosen name and customized access and features.

Doink- is a place to enjoy art and animation to make your own and a place to discuss and create custom animations. Collaborate with others by sharing and using props. It's for an older user & great for being creative in school. Free animation tools.

Free Tech for Teachers- Free resources that teachers can use in their classrooms. Awarded the Edublogger Award for "Best Resource Sharing Blog”.

Prezi- Great presentation tool! See Kandi Fickes' example below!